A Nontoxic Living

Everyday we hear of different situations where our earth and planet are being attacked by our manmade toxic wastes.  A good example was last years huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and how it is old news to most of us.  What the long term environmental and toxic effect will be on our fish and everything else that comes into touch with this massive disaster is anybody's guess.  This disaster will have a lasting impact on all generations to come.  The sea and the ships that sail our waters, including river cruises,  are now under very strict rules and regulations regarding the discharge and use of toxic waste while at sea.   Another is the tragedy in Japan and we can only offer our sympathies and prayers for those living in the toxic and affected areas.

Everyday we hear more and more stories about our earth becoming a toxic wasteland.  It is time for all of us to start helping with this issue before it becomes too late. The need to understand what is toxic and how it affects us and our planet is very important.

Welcome to Non-toxic living and a good place to start looking for new vibrations on living. This site contains information on various ways to live a natural, energy saving and non toxic life.  Everyday we hear more and more about things that are now found to be bad for us or our planet and environment.

Non toxic living includes tips on saving energy, improving indoor air quality, natural foods, recycling, color vibrations, and vinegar solutions. There is a plethora of information available on these topics.

Turning down water heater thermostats, turning off lights when not in use, and air drying clothing are all excellent energy saving tips. Energy saving also includes alternative energy sources such as wind energy and hydropower. There are many benefits to the environment when individuals choose to conserve energy.

Improving indoor air quality can improve health. Millions of people are affected by allergies or asthma and improving indoor air quality can help to correct these conditions. There are several ways individuals can improve their indoor air quality.

A nontoxic living gives information on natural foods. Organic foods and other natural items are available nearly everywhere. It is important to consider the environmental benefits of natural foods. Eating organic foods can eliminate consumption of toxic chemicals used during the farming process. 

Another very important item is lighting.  The amount of energy that is used up and lost each year from non efficient lighting is amazing.  The lighting industry is making great strides to provide new and efficient lights that help more than they harm the environment and us. Natural Lighting Products and information can be found on this site.

Recycling does several things such as curbing global warming, protecting wildlife, saving trees, and reduces the need for landfills. Recycling is a very important part of environment awareness. Individuals who choose to recycle are helping to protect their planet.

Color vibrations are often used in schools, libraries, and homes to promote certain feelings. Learning ways to balance color can enhance or change moods.

Some of the most popular ways to utilize vinegar solutions are as a window cleaner, wood cleaner, toilet bowel cleaner, deodorizer, and to kill weeds. Vinegar has a variety of uses such as medicinal, culinary, agriculture, and cleaning.  A nontoxic living gives information on the many uses of vinegar solutions.  Thank you for visiting our site and if you have any suggestions or thoughts, email us.  If you eat well and take care of what you put in your body and mind, you may find that you can get Life Insurance Quote for less.










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